Sunday, August 21, 2011


I have always enjoyed running. There is great sense of wellbeing when I run. You can almost sense yourself getting in shape. It also helps to clear the mind of all that mental weight that people carry and many times don't realize. There is also that point when endorphins kick in and two things happen. 1) it feels like I can run forever and 2) all pain disappears and my mind goes blank. All thoughts seem to fade away and slight euphoria kicks in. This doesn't happen often simply because it doesn't happen until mile 5 or up for me and I rarely am able to run that far because of time constraints or physical limitations. So, my goal for the next month, is to reinstate the longer distance runs in an attempt to clear my mind and better my overall health.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

in the beginning

I am a person that wants more out of life by having less. Some may think that doesn't make sense, but I am putting the challenge to myself. I already have too many material items and too many interests. Why do I need more?

 I'll create a list of what I'd like to do. This is just a rough draft, so we'll see where it leads.
 1) eat healthy foods
2) exercise
3) spend more time outdoors

 That is my initial list. Some ideas that I'd like to couple with that are more along the mental part. I'd like to stop wasting my time wondering what other humans think and do. If someone wants to water their lawn, even though I find it wasteful, then so be it. (side note - when most lawns turn brown, they are just dormant, not dead).

 As for a final thought, I'd like to take what I already have and enjoy it. I have a tent and backpack. I think I'd like to use those more. I have a slackline, which is easy and fun. I like to walk and play with my children. That is free. I have enough clothes. So no need to purchase more. No need to go to restaurants, I have plenty of pots and pans, I'll just try a new recipe. I'll be attempting to reduce my physical impact on the environment while reducing my debt and increasing my enjoyment of life. Feel free to join me.